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The Importance of Situational Awareness

Minimizing Individual and Organizational Risk Exposure through tactical Situational Awareness


This Situational Awareness Training workshop has been developed because of the increase of terrorist and criminal activities across continents. As individuals and businesses, on a personal level there has never been a more demanding need to become situationally aware whilst at work or travelling at home or abroad.

The importance of situational awareness cannot be dismissed — being aware of one’s surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations is more of a required mindset than a physical skill set only practiced by military or law enforcement agencies.  As well as providing the delegate with proven, pragmatic knowledge that will help ensure the learner is more likely to survive a kidnapping or active shooter incident, this course will also cover Travel Safety and Journey Management.

Regardless of your safety and security experience, this course will help you become more aware of risks in an Active Shooter incident and what you can do to protect yourself and your organization from them.

This training course will feature:

  • Understanding what Situational Awareness can do for you
  • Techniques to avoid becoming a “Victim “
  • Avoiding Kidnap & Ransom scenarios
  • Identifying and protecting yourself against an Active Shooter
  • Travel safety and journey management principles

Who should attend?

  • 1st Responders (Government)
  • Security Officers
  • EMTs & Paramedics
  • Organizational Training Officers
  • HSE Managers and Supervisors
  • Incident Commanders
  • Civilian Management
  • Organizational Emergency Managers

Course Contents

Understanding Situational Awareness

  • Understanding Situational Awareness – from perspectives of 1st Responders
  • Creating a Security Awareness and Response Culture
  • Understanding the human behaviour
  • Topics of understanding and reason
  • Body language and warning signs
  • Making the correct impact decisions that will mitigate the situation

 Conditional Behavior

  • Cooper’s Conditions – Alertness Levels – how to become alert through colour coding
  • Scenario-based application
  • Reading Body Language
  • Behaviour Management
  • Phycology and its impact on individuals during situations
  • Communication of Warning Signs
  • Reading Emotional Cues and responding

 Threats of K&R – Kidnap and Ransom

  • Conduct after capture
  • Crisis management
  • Kidnappers’ tactics
  • Prevention training and contingency planning
  • Responding to a kidnap
  • Security awareness
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Practical scenario experience

Threats of an Active Shooter

  • The “Run-Hide-Fight” strategy
  • Profiling an active shooter
  • Predicting and analysis of potential security breaches – being Proactive!
  • Communication of key information to 1st Responders
  • Basic Self Defense Techniques during an active shooter incident
  • Preparedness & Prevention during workplace violence

 Travel Safety and Journey Management

  • Introduction to Travel Safety
  • Journey Management
  • Security Implementation
  • Awareness of risks
  • Management of travel
  • Review
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