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Terrific Telephone Skills Training

Terrific Telephone Skills Training

Even with the amazing range of technology available today, the most effective business tool is still the telephone. It’s the convenient, easily accessible lifeline for every sales team, billing department and customer service group. Yet, if used improperly, the telephone can be as damaging to your business as it is beneficial.

Our expert trainers are customer service call center pros who will provide the critical telephone skills training you simply must have to make an impression that guarantees success. It’s the perfect way to polish the communication techniques of anyone who represents your business.

In Terrific Telephone Skills, participants will learn…

How to gain and maintain control of any telephone call
How to deal with difficult callers
How to listen effectively and respond efficiently
How to screen and transfer calls correctly
And much more!

Material Training

Projecting a positive, professional image

Dealing with challenging callers

“Hi-tech” vs. “Hi-touch”—getting back to the basics

Having fun being effective on the phone

How to be a telephone superstar

Who will benefit from this training

Customer service representatives
Customer service and sales managers
Sales professionals
Business owners
General managers
Anyone in your organization who needs to know how to turn customer satisfaction into bottom-line results

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