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Fiscal metering of natural gas – advanced Training

Technic Mechanical Instrumentation, Technical and Engineering
Training Fiscal metering of natural gas - advanced This course provides a good general overview of gas flow metering and gas quality metering principles, not at a detailed level (the three day course is available for this purpose), but more in related context. Subjects : Basic gas concepts Introduction to fiscal metering systems, definitions Gas laws, concept of compressibility Measurement uncertainty, definitions and methods Basic gas flow and gas quality principles Introduction to flow measurement technology Introduction to functionality and operation of gas chromatographs Course outline Best practices in gas flow measurement Design and operating practices Calibration and traceability International standards & definitions in metrolo...

Training Trafo Principles, Application And Maintenance

Electrical and Engineering
Deskripsi Trafo adalah salah satau perangkat yang berguna untuk menampung supplay listrik yang kemudian di salur pada beban, dalam ilmu kelistrikan tentu anda sudah sering mendengar bahwa trafo di bedakan menjadi dua bagian yang pertama adalah trafo step up dan kedua trafo step down. kedua trafo ini di gunakan untuk mengatur arus listrik agar listrik yang di hasilkan bisa lebih efisien. Tujuan Para peserta setelah mengikuti pelatihan diharapkan: 1.Bertambah wawasan tentang: cara kerja trafo, aplikasi trafo 2.Dapat mengidentifikasi kerusakan trafo 3.Dapat menentukan spesifikasi dalam pemilihan trafo Peserta •Teknisi listrik •Operator maintenance trafo •Konsultan elektrikal •Kontraktor elektrikal Materi 1. Introduksi •Sejarah Trafo •Aplikasi Trafo Dalam Kehidupan Sehari-Ha

Power Quality and Harmonics

Electrical and Engineering, Technical and Engineering
Introduction The effect of power quality problems in industrial, commercial, and residential systems can range from a minor inconvenience to costly downtime. This course covers the fundamentals of power generation, distribution, quality, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Online and portable power monitoring and testing concepts are detailed. Power quality measurements are introduced with common applications. Who Should Attend This course is intended for engineers, electricians and technicians that install, maintain, repair and/or troubleshoot power and auxiliary systems. The participant should have basic knowledge of AC/DC electricity, wiring and mathematics. Courses Outline Production and Usage of Electricity A. Electrical Power System B. Energy C. Production of Electricity ...

Training Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control

Technical and Engineering
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control Training COURSE OVERVIEW: Maintenance Planning and Scheduling of work orders is the hub of a well-functioning maintenance organization. In order for maintenance planning and scheduling to work, many other systems need to work well. Most importantly equipment inspections through preventive maintenance, technical database such as bill of materials, work order his-tory, and standard job plans. Maintenance spare part stores have to function well. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is critical for every successful individual and company. The focus are directed to concepts of Maintenance Management, establishing a healthy Maintenance program and Maintenance Planning and Scheduling procedures. Computer applications on maintenance planning ...

Principles of Cost and Finance for Engineers

Accounting and Treasury, Banking and Finance, Bussines Economic Financial, Electrical and Engineering, Technical and Engineering
Introduction In today's corporate environment of shrinking budgets, required structural cost reductions, sharing of global designs/services, and pricing pressures, it is critical that engineers possess a working knowledge of engineering economics principles. To fully understand the economic viability of engineering decisions, engineers need to find the appropriate balance between design alternatives, resulting costs, and impact on their enterprise. This seminar introduces participants to the cost, finance and economic concepts and their applications to products and services. This three-day course provides you with practical information normally obtained through university level economics and business management courses and will help you to maximize efficiencies from both an engineering an...

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) for Diesel Engines

Electrical and Engineering, Technic Mechanical Instrumentation, Technical and Engineering
Introduction Meeting the requirements of heavy-duty engine emissions regulations is a challenge for all engine manufacturers. Since the introduction of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) in medium and heavy-duty diesel engines, these systems have become more sophisticated and tightly integrated with emission control systems. This 2-day seminar will explore the advantages and disadvantages of EGR and the most effective implementation of various EGR systems. This seminar will begin by defining EGR and why it is used in diesel engines, along with an explanation of the mechanisms by which EGR is able to reduce NOx. This seminar will then move into implementation of EGR systems and examples of these systems on medium and heavy-duty diesel engines. In addition, the impact of EGR on various engine...

Management skill for technic and engineer

Managerial and soft skills, Technical and Engineering
Training Management skill for technic and engineer   COURSE DESCRIPTION In the fast paced and competitive environment of today's global economy, the work of technical professionals is often the difference between success and failure in an organization. Providing leadership for engineers is uniquely challenging, and the transition from working engineer to first-line technical supervisor is one of the most difficult career challenges that an engineer may face. First-time engineering supervisors and mid-level managers who wish to sharpen their skills and learn new techniques for guiding, coaching, and motivating working engineers, technicians, and designers will find this seminar valuable. A mix of lecture and attention-grabbing exercises are used to develop intense and lasting learning re

Strategic Planning and Execution

Managerial and soft skills
Training Strategic Planning and Execution Introduction Implementation skills are essential throughout the organisation within middle as well as senior management ranks. The fast-evolving national, international and global environment continues to pressure organisations and their managers to constantly increase their performance. This course provides participants with a number of concepts and frameworks that will enable them to critically evaluate the approach of organisations in different business sectors to strategic planning and execution. This course has been specifically designed to equip delegates with the knowledge, skills and understanding to implement strategic plans. The emphasis of this course is on putting strategies into action, which includes designing, delivering and suppo...

Management Skills – Your Key To Success Training

Bussines Management, Managerial and soft skills
Training Management Skills - Your Key To Success WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Managers with some of experience who are seeking additional management training   LEARNING OUTCOMES Gain a deeper understanding of your roles and responsibilities Improve communication to effectively set expectations for yourself and your direct reports Adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of individual team members Communicate organizational goals that get results Apply delegation strategies to increase productivity and motivation Use effective coaching techniques to maximize your team’s performance   COURSE OVERVIEW & CONTENT This 3-day workshop is a tool for your management development. It is designed to help you create and accomplish your personal best,

Mastering Media & Public Relations

Human Resource Depelovment, Managerial and soft skills
Training Mastering Media & Public Relations Course Objectives Learn how to network for success and master your “Meet and Greet” opportunities Identify how to dress for success Obtain tips and techniques to write effectively Understand the importance of goal setting, and how to do it Explore how to manage media relations Learn how to plan issue and crisis communication Identify ways to make the best use of social media. Who Should Attend: Marketing Managers & Executives Professionals seeking to pursue a career in PR or Media Relations Course Content Networking for Success (I) Creating an effective introduction Making a great first impression Networking For Success (II) Minimising nervousness Using business cards e

Jadwal Training Banking , Financial and Accounting 2020

Accounting and Treasury, Audit, Banking and Finance, Banking and Financial
JADWAL TRAINING / PELATIHAN / DIKLAT / SEMINAR / WORKSHOP Banking & Financial & Accounting Tahun 2020 – TERBARU BULAN  JANUARI/ FEBRUARI/MARET/APRIL/MEI/JUNI/JULI/AGUSTUS/SEPTEMBER/OKTOBER / NOVEMBER / DESEMBER  2020 Selamat datang di situs resmi Pusat Informasi Jadwal Training Indonesia – Portal Direktori Training Terlengkap dan Terbesar di Indonesia, berikut ini Jadwal Training Banking & Financial & Accounting Tahun 2020 yang siap di registrasi dan akan diselenggarakan di berbagai kota besar di Indonesia Lokasi Training Pilihan :  Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Lombok, Kupang, Balikpapan, Makasar, Malang, Batam, Semarang, dan berbagai kota besar lainnya di Indonesia. Apabila Training/Pelatihan Banking , Financial & Accounting Tahun 2

Training Manajemen Strategi

Bussines Management
Manajemen Strategi PENGANTAR DAN TUJUAN : Lingkungan makro dan stakeholder perusahaan yang berubah sangat cepat dan seringkali di luar dugaan, terkadang membuat para eksekutif dan pengambil keputusan bingung dan tidak tahu harus berbuat apa. Keadaan seperti ini sangatlah berbahaya karena mungkin kompetitor sudah terlebih dahulu menyikapi perubahan itu dengan tepat. Perusahaan harus mampu secara proaktif memprediksi dan mengantisipasi perubahan itu dan melakukan reevaluasi konsep manajemen strateginya dan membuat keputusan strategis dengan cepat dan tepat. Training tiga hari ini akan difokuskan pada pembahasan konsep manajemen strategi, konsep Balanced Scorecards secara utuh, terintegrasi dan praktis. Seminar ini akan dilakukan dengan case method sehingga mudah dipahami dan dapat merangs...

FPSO Training Course

Marine Training
FPSO Training Course FPSO Training Course key topics include: FPSO design and technology Technical building blocks Importance of building safety into the FPSO concept Contracting strategy Hull structure, design and maintenance Legal complexities Selection and design of mooring and risers systems Offshore loading considerations Integrity management and life extension Course Outline Course introduction and objectives Market overview Introduction to floating production systems Market forecasts FPSO strengths and weaknesses FPSO complexity Introduction to FPSO design and technology [part 1] Introduction to FPSO technology FPSO role FPSO key components Terminology Alternative lay-out configurations A...

Training Advanced Strategies in Oil and Gas Finance and Accounting

Accounting and Treasury, Oil and Gas
Pelatihan Advanced Strategies in Oil and Gas Finance and Accounting Description In today’s competitive oil and gas industry, with strong pressure to meet increased market demands while lowering operating costs and improving return for investors and company stakeholders, what strategies should companies adopt to ensure sustainable growth? Given the substantial capital costs and long lead times from exploration to sale, implementing and managing strategies in Oil & Gas finance and accounting are critical success factors. This course therefore focuses on the essential skills and techniques required to enable you to make appropriate strategic decisions to maximize profit, reduce costs and financial risks. This course will feature: The current and future challenges within the sector T

Training Petroleum Finance, Cost Control and Reservoir Manajemen

Oil and Gas
Pelatihan Petroleum Finance, Cost Control and Reservoir Manajemen TUJUAN PELATIHAN Memberikan pengetahuan dasar ilmu keekonomian beserta perhitungannya Peserta mengetahui dan memahami dasar-dasar manajemen perusahaan minyak dan gas bumi. Peserta mengetahui dan memahami Simulasi Monte Carlo dan aplikasinya dalam proyek migas Mengetahui peranan Plan Of Development (POD) bagi perusahaan migas Peserta mengetahui dan memahami sistem kontrak yang ada di perusahaan masing-masing. Peserta bisa melakukan perhitungan sendiri dan merencanakan manajemen reservoir di masa yang aka datang secara lebih baik. PESERTA Divisi Pengeboran PengeboranMANAJER, Pengawas dan Insinyur Pengeboran Divisi Reservoir ReservoirMANAJER, WadukInsinyur Divisi Produksi Manaje...


Export Import, In-House Training, Marine Training, Perpajakan
Jadwal Training 2017 (Bisa request tanggal selain yang tertera) 17-18 Januari 2017 / 07-08 Februari 2016 / 21-22 Maret 2017 / 11-12 April 2017 / 09-10 Mei 2017 / 06-07 Juni 2017 / 04-05 Juli 2017 / 01-02 Agustus 2017 / 05-06 September 2017 / 17-18 Oktober 2017 / 06-07 November 2017 / 05-06 Desember 2017 MATERI TRAINING KAWASAN BERIKAT (BONDED ZONE) Kawasan Berikat Fasilitas Kawasan Berikat Sistem dan Prosedur Pemasukan dan Pengeluaran Barang ke dan dari Kawasan Berikat Sistem Pemasukan Barang ke Kawasan Berikat Dari Luar Negeri (Impor) Dari Lokal (DPIL) Dari Gudang Berikat Dari Kawasan Berikat Lainnya Dari Perusahaan Fasilitas KITE Sistem Pengeluaran Barang dari Kawasan Berikat Pengeluran Barang ke Luar Negeri...

Training Job Analysis and Evaluation Techniques

Human Resource Depelovment
Deskripsi Pelatihan Job Analysis and Evaluation Techniques Keberhasilan inisiatif kebanyakan sumber daya manusia adalah atas analisis pekerjaan dan evaluasi yang efektif. Kunci efektifitas adalah suatu proses pengumpulan fakta yang konsisten, dokumentasi, analisis, dan mengendalikan faktor yang dapat merusak obyektivitas dan kegunaan dari proses. Pelatihan dua hari ini akan memberi Anda pemahaman tentang: Prosedur sistematis untuk menganalisis dan mengevaluasi pekerjaan Pemahaman tentang hubungan antara analisis pekerjaan dan evaluasi pekerjaan Sebuah tinjauan atas fungsi-fungsi organisasi kunci yang ditingkatkan dengan job analysis and evaluation yang efektif Suatu ikhtisar kekhawatiran manajemen dan masalah hukum yang mempengaruhi job analysis and evaluation! Peserta...

Training Human Resources Strategy

Human Resource Depelovment
Pelatihan Human Resources Strategy Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM) Tidak Dapat Dipisahkan Dari Upaya Perusahaan Dalam Mencapai Tingkat Keunggulan Kompetitif. Berbagai perusahaan terkemuka dunia telah membuktikan bahwa Human Resources adalah kunci keberhasilan mereka dalam memenangkan pasar global. Hal itu dapat dipahami karena sistem manajemen dan strategi bisnis apapun yang diterapkan tanpa dukungan SDM yang memadai akan sulit diharapkan efektifitasnya. Oleh sebab itu pengembangan SDM sudah harus dilakukan secara integral dengan strategi perusahaan dan senantiasa mempertimbangkan pengaruh perkembangan global sebagai pemacunya. Untuk itulah diperlukan kesatuan pandang para eksekutif perusahaan terhadap Human Resources Strategy ini. Bagaimana peran stratejik SDM terhadap strategi ...
Laporan Bulanan Umum ( LBU )

Laporan Bulanan Umum ( LBU )

Banking and Finance, Banking and Financial
Training Laporan Bulanan Umum ( LBU ) DESKRIPSI Perlunya pemahaman mengenai pengerrtian dan istilah umum kolom-kolom yang terdapat pada daftar rincian penempatan pada bank lain, surat berharga yang dimiliki, kredit yang diberikan dan tagihan lainnya; Perlunya pemahaman mengenai jenis transaksi yang dilakukan sehingga menyebabkan kesalahan dalam membuat laporan LBU, terutama pada daftar rincian; Perlunya pemahaman tentang standar pelaporan berikut tahapan-tahapan pelaporan penyusunan; Perlunya pemahaman bagi para officer bank tentang tujuan penyusunan LBU berikut permasalahannya yang dihadapi; Penyampaian laporan bulanan bank umum yang dibuat untuk disampaikan pada otoritas moneter (Bank Indonesia). PURPOSE Pengumpulan dan penyusunan statistik perbankan dalam rangk...
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