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Tag: Defining the Change : Tools for defining the Change – Creating and communicating the Change vision

Leading & Managing Change

Bussines Economic Financial, Bussines Management, Management purchasing logistic, Managerial and soft skills, Market Risk Management, Production/Reservoir, Quality and Eficiency
Leading & Managing Change PROGRAM OBJECTIVES An essential core competence of executives and managers is the ability to plan and implement Change processes as well as to transform resistance into motivation. Starting with the experiences that have been made in the field of Change management in recent years, this workshop provides participants with information regarding strategies and methods of change management. Practical tips and tools to develop and implement change processes based on the concept of the learning organization will also be provided. After attending this workshop, participants will be better able to: Analyze the need for Change and What to Change Analyze the Change readiness of their organization Choose the appropriate Change strategy, plans and programs fo...
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