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Training Well Logging and Qualitative Log Interpretation

Oil and Gas
Training Well Logging and Qualitative Log Interpretation OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: acquire the concepts of log interpretation (Archie formula, invasion), review mud logging, coring and wireline logging techniques, perform a quick-look interpretation to characterize reservoirs: fluid contacts, lithology, porosity, saturation. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Geoscientists and other E&P professionals interested in wireline log acquisition and well-log interpretation. COURSE CONTENT BASIC INTERPRETATION CONCEPTS & WIRELINE LOG RECORDING Foundational concepts. Reservoir petrophysics (lithology, porosity, resistivity, saturation) and fluid properties. Environment of measurement (borehole, invasion profile) and related parame...


Mining, Oil and Gas, Training Health Safety Environmental
Informasi Jadwal training 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 – JADWAL TRAINING / PELATIHAN / BIMTEK / DIKLAT / SEMINAR / WORKSHOP : API Q1 – TERBARU BULAN  JANUARI/ FEBRUARI/MARET/APRIL/MEI/JUNI/JULI/AGUSTUS/SEPTEMBER/OKTOBER / NOVEMBER / DESEMBER  Selamat datang di situs resmi Pusat Informasi Jadwal Training Indonesia – Portal Direktori Training Terlengkap dan Terbesar di Indonesia, berikut ini Jadwal Training API Q1 yang siap di registrasi dan akan diselenggarakan di berbagai kota besar di Indonesia, Lokasi Training Pilihan :  Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Lombok, Kupang, Balikpapan, Makasar, Malang, Batam, Semarang, dan berbagai kota besar lainnya di Indonesia. Apabila Training/Pelatihan API Q1 ini sesuai dengan kebutuhan Perusahaan anda, silahkan meng

Pelatihan Flow Matering and Custody Transfer

Electrical and Engineering
Deskripsi A transaction involving physical transfer of oil and gas from one operator to another is known as Custody Transfer. Accurate metering of the fluids being transferred between the two is therefore of vital importance. To ensure this happens, most countries set stringent uncertainty targets that have to bemet by companies operating in their jurisdiction. To do this to the required accuracy requires a metering system, consisting of a range of components aswell as the flow meter it self. The type of components required include: Temperature probes and transmitters Static pressure transmitters Differential pressure transmitters Densitometers Meter provers Gas chromatographs Sampling systems Flow meters Flow computers This coursecovers each of these components,...

Multiphase Flow Measurement

Oil and Gas, Production/Reservoir
Informasi seminar 2015 | Informasi Training 2015 | Jadwal Training terbaru 2015 | info seminar 2015 | Info training 2015 | Jadwal Seminar 2015 | Jadwal training 2015 | Jadwal Workshop 2015| Info training indonesia 2015 | Seminar Running 2015 | Training Running 2015 | In-House Training 2015 | Pelatihan Running 2015 Multiphase Flow Measurement CONTENT MATERIAL 1. BASIC CONCEPT IN FLOW MEASUREMENT   • Fluid Properties    - Density    - Viscosity    - Surface tension    - Modulus elasticity   • Dimension and Units   • Units and Its Conversion   • Several Dimension and Its Derivative   • Flow Conditioning   • Fluid Flow Measurement   • Standards in Flow Measurement   • Fluid Flow      - Continuity Equation    - Bernoulli Equation 2. BASIC MEASUREMENT   • Introduction to Measurement System  
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