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After completing this course participants are expected to:

Understand the basic principles of the exploitation of oil, natural gas, known as petroleum technology.Perform simple diagnosis and understand the management of petroleum operations data, such as data production geology, reservoir rock and fluid data, production data, drilling operations data even economic analysis of data. Create a simple analysis of the data and perform processing using standard methods in petroleum technology. Conduct simple quantitative calculations of the entire data acquisition operation of petroleum: geology of production, productive formation evaluation data, reservoir data, drilling data, production data and even economic data.


Operator, Sr, Operator, Engineering and Non Engineering, Support Personnel.

Course Materials

  1. Understanding About Data Engineering Petroleum Operations and Their Management Techniques
    •  Data Production Geology
    •  Data Reservoir Engineering
    •  Drilling Engineering Data
    •  Data Production Techniques
    •  Economical Analysis of Data
  1. Hydrocarbon Reservoir
    •  Establishment of Reservoir Conditions
    •  Reservoir Pressure and Temperature
    •  Fluid Reservoir
    •  Rock Reservoir
  2. Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Formation
    •  Determination of permeable formations
    •  Determination of Porosity Rocks
    •  Determination of Fluid Saturation
    •  Determination of Average Reservoir thickness
    •  Equipment Related to the Implementation of Formation Evaluation
  1. Oil Well Drilling
    •  Operation
    •  Cost
    •  Complesion
    •  Drilling Fluid
    •  Data Acquisition
    •  Drilling Optimization
    •  Special Problems Drilling
    •  Equipment Related to the Implementation of Drilling
  1. Estimated Reserves
    •  In-place Volume
    •  Thickness Rocks
    •  Porosity Iso Map
    •  Map of iso Capacity
    •  Recovery Factor (Factor Acquisition)
  1. How to Produce Oil Reservoir
    •  Inflow Performance Relationship
    •  Primary Recovery Technology
    •  Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology
    •  Equipment Associated with Production Facility on the Lower Surface
  1. Production Facilities at Surface
    •  Field Processing Unit
    •  Oil Piping System
    •  Equipment Related to the Surface Production Facilities
  2. Reservoir Performance Analysis
    •  Acquisition of Gas Reservoir
    •  Acquisition of Premier Oil Reservoir
    •  Efficiency of Acquisition of Oil
    •  Material Balance
    •  Forecasting Production Performance
  1. Basic Principles of Economical Analysis
    •  Key Parameters of Economical Analysis
    •  Net Present Value
    •  Internal Rate of Return
    •  Pay Out Time
    •  Profit to Investment Ratio
    •  Some Case Examples

Instructor Training

Dr. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA was graduated from Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB in 1979 and hold Doctorate Degree with honored in 1987 from Ecole Centrale de Lyon I, France. The topic of his thesis is Modelisation Numerique d’Ecoulements Polyphasiques en Milieux Poreux. Application au Cas de Calcul des Champs de Pressions et de Saturations dans un Gisement de Petrole. For the time being, he became a lecturer in Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB. His subjects are Analysis and Numerical Method, Engineering Mathematics, Computer Simulation, Fluid Mechanic, Artificial Intelligence for Petroleum Engineering.

Mr. Sudjati also gave many courses to the community, such as: basic reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation, basic production engineering, down hole well testing, statistic and numerical method for petroleum engineering, basic log interpretation, etc. He is a member of some profession organization such as: IATMI, SPE/EIME, IMA, HAIAI, FPS-USA, INAGA, and IGA.

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