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Jadwal Training di Jakarta 2021

Informasi jadwal Pelatihan di Jakarta 2021

Daftar Training semua kategori bisa dilihat di : https://bit.ly/3duu1U2

Permintaan Brosur Penawaran : https://linktr.ee/BBMtraining 

Lokasi Training Pilihan : di Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Cirebon, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, Lombok, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Makassar, Medan, Palembang, Lampung, dan kota besar lainnya di Indonesia serta kawasan asia seperti Timor Leste, Thailand, Singapore , Kuala Lumpur.  (dengan harga dan minimal kuota yang berbeda)

Berikut Judul-Judul Training Kategori : Administrasi dan Manajemen Perkantoran

  1. ABC to Brain Smart Speed Reading Techniques
  2. Achieve More using Microsoft® Outlook
  3. Achieving Personal and Professional Success
  4. Achieving Wellness Through Mind, Body and Soul
  5. Administrasi Perkantoran
  6. Administration and Office Management – Best Practices and Technologies
  7. Administration and Office Management for Female Professionals
  8. Administration and Office Management Professional
  9. Administration and Office Management: Best Practices & Technologies
  10. Administrative Excellence for Secretaries and Administrators
  11. Advanced Communication Skills
  12. Advanced Documents and Records Management Compliance
  13. Advanced MS OFFICE for EAs, PAs & Office Managers
  14. Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills
  15. Advanced Office Management & Electronic Archiving
  16. Advanced Presentation Skills
  17. Advanced Problem Solving & Decision Making
  18. Advanced Public Relations and Media Skills
  19. An Introduction to Successful Conferences and Events
  20. Assertiveness, Influencing Skills and Conflict Management for Women
  21. Best Practices in Communication and Relational Skills
  22. Birds of Different Feathers can Flock Together
  23. Boost Your Charisma and Likeability
  24. Boosting Productivity Through Mindset Change
  25. Brain Boost Your Memory at the Workplace
  26. Brilliant Body Language
  27. Building a Customer-Centric Service Culture   The Key to Driving Superior Performance
  28. Business Ethics for Working Professionals
  29. Business Etiquette & International Protocol
  30. Business Etiquette for Business Success
  31. Call & Contact Centre Workshop   Practical Skills to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  32. Clear & Concise Business Writing
  33. Coaching-based Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  34. Commercial and Business Awareness for Experienced PAs and Secretaries
  35. Communicating & Dealing with Others
  36. Communication and Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals
  37. Communication and Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals
  38. Communication Skills for Telephone Operators
  39. Comprehensive Management & Technical Skills For Administrative Officers And Executive Secretary
  40. Computer Based Office Admin And Organization
  41. Computer -Based Office Administration and Organization
  42. Contract Administration Understanding And Implementing Contractual Obligations
  43. Corporate & Employee Best Practices
  44. Corporate Etiquette and Professional Image
  45. Corporate Legal Advisers And Chartered Company Secretaries
  46. Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
  47. Crisis Management
  48. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  49. Developing and Implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework   Taking a Sustainable Approach to Business Planning and Operations
  50. Developing Assertiveness & Self-Confidence for Professional Success
  51. Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries
  52. Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries: Better Memory, Reading, Communication & Thinking Skills
  53. Developing Personal Resilience
  54. Digital Business Leadership   Mastering Social Media Activities and Leading Digital Transformation
  55. Dining Etiquette and Professional Image
  56. Document Control and Records Management
  57. Document controller
  58. Document Management Of Workflow System
  59. Documents and Records Management Compliance
  60. Driving Performance Through Talent Management
  61. E -Library Management Techniques
  62. Effective Body Language
  63. Effective Business Writing Skills
  64. Effective Business, Memo And Report Writing Skills For Administrative Professionals & Executive Secretaries
  65. Effective Meeting Management
  66. Effective Meetings and Workshops Design and Moderation Techniques
  67. Effective Office Management
  68. Effective Office Management Techniques
  69. Effective Secretarial Skills
  70. Effective Time and Stress Management at the Workplace
  71. Effective Time Management for Office Professionals
  72. Effective Time, Task and Work Planning
  73. Effective Travels and Protocol Management
  74. Efficient Administration Skills
  75. Electronic Archives & Records Keeping Management For Secretaries And Admin Assistant
  76. Electronic Filing & Document Management System
  77. Electronic Registry and Information Management for Secretaries and Personal Assistants Capacity
  78. E-Library Management Techniques
  79. Email Mastery: Get More Done in Less Time and Communicate Better
  80. Embracing Change in Today’s Disruptive Economy
  81. Engineering Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)
  82. Essential Administration Skills
  83. Essential Finance & Budgeting Skills for EA/PAs
  84. Essential Management Skills for Administrators
  85. Even Eagles Need a Push
  86. Events and Conferences Management
  87. Excellence in Secretarial Business
  88. Finance & Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries
  89. Foundation Skills for PA’s and Executive Assistants
  90. Governance and Board Management Skills for EAs & PAs
  91. H.E.A.R.T @ Work
  92. High Efficiency Office Management
  93. How to Manage Your Manager
  94. HR Administration Skills
  95. Implementation of Modern Record Management through SharePoint and Office 365
  96. Increase Your Productivity with G-Suite and Other Tools
  97. Info-Graphics: Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques
  98. Information and Documentation Compliance
  99. Introduction to Your New Role as EA/PA or Office Manager
  100. Leadership Development for Women
  101. Management for Non-Managers
  102. Management Skills for PAs
  103. Managing Meetings
  104. Managing Pressure and Conflicting Demands
  105. Managing Yourself for Future Success & Achievement
  106. Mastering and Managing Meetings
  107. Mastering the Art of Conflict Management
  108. Mastering the Art of Office Administration
  109. Minute Taking Made Simple
  110. Minute Writing Masterclass for EAs & PAs
  111. Office Management & Communication Techniques
  112. Office Management and Effective Administration Skills
  113. Office Management Skills
  114. Office Management Specialist
  115. Office Organization Using MS Outlook
  116. Office Procedures and Administration
  117. Organising and Behavioural Skills for Administrative Professionals-Executive Secretaries-PAs
  118. Organising Effective Meetings
  119. Partnering with your manager
  120. Perfect Management: Motivation, Strategic Planning and Creative Problem Solving
  121. Personal Effectiveness & Office Management Skills For Administrator & Secretaries
  122. Persuading to Get What You Want
  123. Positive Psychology to Improve Well-being at Work
  124. PPP and Infrastructural Finance
  125. PR Impact Measurement and KPI’s Framework
  126. Presentation Skills
  127. Presentation Skills Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  128. Professional Business, Memo & Report Writing For Secretarial
  129. Professional Development for Senior PAs and Executive Assistants
  130. Professional Reception Skills
  131. Project Fundamentals for Administrators
  132. Project Management For Administrative Professionals
  133. Protocol Etiquette Ceremonies and Managing Tenders
  134. Providing Administrative Support for Projects
  135. Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  136. Public Relations and Communication Skills
  137. Public Speaking & Presenting with Power
  138. Reaching Your Ultimate Potential
  139. Reception and Hospitality
  140. Report writing and formatting
  141. Root Cause Analysis
  142. Senior Secretary Development Program
  143. SharePoint Implementation Best Practices   From Design to Integration
  144. Smart Time Management
  145. Stress and Time Management
  146. Success Skills for PAs
  147. Supporting a Team Successfully
  148. Supporting Busy and Absent Managers
  149. Taking Initiative
  150. Team Roles & Dynamics
  151. Technical Writing for Admin PA & Secretaries
  152. The 7-Ups to Personal Effectiveness
  153. The Advanced Executive Assistant Program
  154. The Amazing PA
  155. The Art of Stress & Anger Management
  156. The EA/PA & Office Manager Masterclass
  157. The EA/PA as a Master & Manager of Self & People
  158. The EA/PA’s Project & Event Management Masterclass
  159. The Efficient and Highly Productive Administrator
  160. The Essential Office Professional
  161. The Executive Assistant I Personal Assistant Master class
  162. The Office Professional and Records Management Masterclass
  163. The Outstanding Receptionist & Office Administrator
  164. The Perfect Pa – For Pa’s & Executive Secretaries
  165. The Power of Coloured Brain Communication and Personal Effectiveness for Career Brilliance
  166. The Power of Taking Ownership
  167. The Senior Secretary Development Programme
  168. The Skilled Communicator and Relationship Builder
  169. The Strategic Executive Assistant: Business Acumen for Senior EAs & PAs
  170. The Support Staff and Administrative Assistant
  171. Time & Priority Management
  172. Time & Stress Management For Executive Secretaries & Administrative Professionals
  173. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
  174. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
  175. Electronic Registry and Information Mgt. for Secretaries and Personal Assistants Capacity
  176. Training Management & Organisational Learning
  177. Understanding Yourself to Get the Best from Others
  178. Unleash your Potential with Image and Social Media Management
  179. Using Social Media for Career Success
  180. Using Social Media in Business
  181. Working with More Than One Boss


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