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Jadwal Training di Bandung 2021

Informasi jadwal Pelatihan di Bandung 2021

Daftar Training semua kategori bisa dilihat di : https://bit.ly/3duu1U2

Permintaan Brosur Penawaran : https://linktr.ee/BBMtraining 

Lokasi Training Pilihan : di Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Cirebon, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, Lombok, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Makassar, Medan, Palembang, Lampung, dan kota besar lainnya di Indonesia serta kawasan asia seperti Timor Leste, Thailand, Singapore , Kuala Lumpur.  (dengan harga dan minimal kuota yang berbeda)


  1. 21st Century Business Communication
  2. 360 Degree Evalutation System & Feedback
  3. 360 Degree Feedback Systems
  4. 8 Essential Of HRM For All Management Level
  5. Advanced Career Development and Succession Planning
  6. Advanced Competency Based Interview – CBI
  7. Advanced Employee Relations
  8. Advanced HR Skills
  9. Advanced HR Techniques & Effective Training Planning Strategies
  10. Advanced Human Resource Management
  11. Advanced Recruitment, Interviewing And Selection
  12. Advanced Recruitment, Psychometric Analysis & Assessment
  13. Advanced Selection, Interviewing & Recruitment Skills
  14. Advanced Skills For The Practical Trainer
  15. Advanced Train the Trainer
  16. Analisa Beban Kerja
  17. aPHR Preparation
  18. Appraisal Skills For Practice Managers
  19. Arts of Administrative Investigation
  20. Auditing HR Processes
  21. Balance Scorecard For Business Performance
  22. Balanced Scorecard
  23. Basic HR Skills
  24. Basic Of HR
  25. Basics of Human Resources Management
  26. Becoming Most Recommended Company for your customer
  27. Behavioral Event Interview
  28. Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
  29. Behaviour Analyst
  30. Behavioural Interviewing Techniques
  31. Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence
  32. Benchmarking Comparing Your Performance with the Best
  33. Blockchain and other Emerging Technologies
  34. Broader Perspective on Office Politics and How to Embrace It
  35. Building Effective Organizational Culture
  36. Building Organisation Culture
  37. Building Organizational Capability Through Succession Planning & Career Development
  38. Business Brain Train
  39. Business Driven Learning Needs Analysis
  40. Business Etiquette And Professional Conduct
  41. Business Process Management
  42. Business Writing Skills
  43. Career & Talent Management Specialist Program
  44. Career Development and Succession Planning
  45. Career Planning And Development
  46. Career Planning and Talent Management
  47. Certified Human Resources Manager (Sertifikasi BNSP)
  48. Certified Human Resources Supervisor (Sertifikasi BNSP)
  49. Certified Training Coordinator
  50. Change Management
  51. Coach Training Course-Coaching, Mentoring and Career Development Skills for Success
  52. Coaching & Counseling for Manager
  53. Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  54. Coaching a Service Team
  55. Coaching for Success in the Oil and Gas Industry
  56. Coaching, Counseling  And Appraising
  57. Collective Bargaining Agreement
  58. Collective Bargaining: Legal & Practical Update
  59. Commercial Finance for HR Professionals
  60. Communicating & Negotiating with Unions
  61. Compensation & Benefit System
  62. Compensation and Benefit Course
  63. Compensation And Benefits
  64. Compensation and Benefits Administrator
  65. Compensation And Benefits For HR
  66. Compensation and Benefits Management
  67. Compensation and Benefits Professional
  68. Compensation and Benefits Survey Analysis
  69. Compensation and Benefits Trends
  70. Compensation For End Of Employment
  71. Compensation Management
  72. Compensation Packages And Salary Structures
  73. Compensations And Benefits, Job Evaluation & Job Analysis
  74. Competencies – Design, Development and Implementation
  75. Competencies, Theory And Application
  76. Competencies: Design, Development And Implementation
  77. Competency Asessment And Profiling
  78. Competency Based Assessment Center
  79. Competency Based Frameworks
  80. Competency Based HR Management
  81. Competency Based Human Resource Management
  82. Competency Based Interviewing and Selection
  83. Competency Development and Implementation
  84. Competency-Based Interview & S​​electing Hiring Managers
  85. Competency-Based Interviewing Skills
  86. Competency-based Interviews
  87. Comprehensive Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
  88. Comprehensive Industrial Relation
  89. Comprehensive Training Management System
  90. Confident Recruitment And Selection Interviewing Skills
  91. Conflict Management In Workplace Environment
  92. Continuous Development & Improvement Skills
  93. Continuous Employee Development and Empowerment
  94. Course Design and Material Development
  95. Creating Effective Policies & Procedures
  96. Creating Great Job Descriptions
  97. Creating Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  98. Creativity & Excellence in Human Resources & Personnel Management
  99. Customer Driven Organisation
  100. Customer Experience for Managers Training
  101. Customer Relationship Management
  102. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Strategies and Measurement
  103. Customer Service Mindset
  104. Customer Service Professional
  105. Customer Service Skills
  106. Data Governance, Privacy with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Masterclass
  107. Dealing with Difficult People
  108. Deliver Impactful Training Using Engaging Activities
  109. Design Thinking Professional
  110. Design, Assess & Implement Your Training Modules Creatively
  111. Designing & Delivering Effective Training
  112. Designing & Developing Employee Surveys
  113. Designing A Compensation & Benefit Scheme & Ensuring Satisfactory Performance
  114. Designing and Implementing a Performance Management System
  115. Developing A Training Needs Analysis
  116. Developing Corporate Planning & Training Strategies
  117. Developing Employees Performance Through Leading & Motivation
  118. Developing HR Skills
  119. Developing Minimum HR Management Standards for Universities/ Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  120. Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness
  121. Developing Skills For Hr Manager Using Dacum
  122. Development and Preparation of Training Specialists and HR
  123. Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  124. Diversity Dynamics
  125. Due Diligence:Appraisal and Management of Potential Investors and Partners
  126. Effective Coaching Skills for Managers
  127. Effective Complaint Handling Skills
  128. Effective HRM For Line Managers
  129. Effective Manpower Planning
  130. Effective Performance Review
  131. Effective Presentation Skills
  132. Effective Recruitment Skills
  133. Effective Skills for Recruitment Procedures
  134. Effective Talent Management   Succession Management, Career Planning and Performance Appraisal
  135. Effective Teaching Certificate (ETC)
  136. Effective Training Techniques
  137. Effectively Managing Restructuring & Redundancies
  138. Efficient Training Needs Analysis: Corporate HR Development
  139. e-HR: Latest Trends and Applications
  140. e-HR: Modern Trends and Applications
  141. E-Learning: A New Training Approach
  142. Elements Of Hr-Capital Management
  143. Emotional Competencies & Intelligence
  144. Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Leadership
  145. Employee Engagement
  146. Employee Engagement and Motivation
  147. Employee Engagement and Retention
  148. Employee Engagement with Techniques of Life Cycle Management
  149. Employee Engagement: Strategy and Practices
  150. Employee On-Boarding: Induction and Job Orientation Techniques
  151. Employee Relations – Roles and Responsibilities
  152. Employee Relations and Engagement
  153. Employee Relations Management A To Z
  154. Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances And Discipline
  155. Employee Relations: Roles And Responsibilities
  156. Employee Relations: Roles and Responsibilities, Motivation, Greivances & Discipline
  157. Employee Testing and Evaluation Techniques
  158. Encouraging Staff Performance and Building Reward Systems
  159. Enhancing Human Capital
  160. Enhancing The Job Stability
  161. Enhancing The Skills Of Training Coordinators And Administrators
  162. Enhancing the Skills of Training Coordinators and Administrators
  163. Equality and Diversity (Inclusion at Workplace)
  164. Essential Facilitation Skills and the Psychology of Groups
  165. Essential HR Practices for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors
  166. Essential Skills As Successful HR Manager
  167. Essential Skills for the HR Professional
  168. Essential Skills For The HR Professional: Strategic Human Resources Management, Human Resources Kpis: Benchmarking Hr Performance, Strategic Recruitment, Interviewing & Selection, Career Development & Succession Planning Strategies
  169. Essentials Of Human Resources Management
  170. Etiquette Skills & Art of Dealing with The Public for Office Managers
  171. Excel Skills for HR and Admin Professionals
  172. Excellence in Customer Service – Getting to the Heart of it
  173. Exit Interview – an Effective Employee Retention Tool
  174. Facility Management
  175. Filing System and Documentation
  176. Finance and Business Intelligence for HR Professionals
  177. Financial Skills for HR Professionals
  178. Formalities Expatriate Legal Document Procedure
  179. From Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design
  180. Fundamentals of Human Resources
  181. General Affair Management
  182. General Affair Management Development Program
  183. General Affair Professional
  184. Good Corporate Governance Implementation
  185. GPHR Preparation-Global Professional in Human Resources
  186. Graphology for Recruitment and Personality Profiling
  187. Growing Your Career in Human Resource
  188. Hospital/Clinic Human Resource Management Professional
  189. How To Motivate Your Workforce
  190. How to Write Effective Policies and Procedures
  191. How To Write Human Resources Policies And Procedures
  192. HR – Structuring and Managing Customer Experience Team
  193. HR Analyst
  194. HR Analytics
  195. HR Analytics – Concepts and Tools for Effective Decision –Making
  196. HR Analytics: Concepts and Tools for Effective Decision-Making
  197. HR and Recruitment
  198. HR As A Strategic Partner
  199. HR Assessor
  200. HR Auditor
  201. HR Best Practice For HR/Personnel Assistant
  202. HR Business Partner
  203. HR Business Partner: Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies
  204. HR Business Partner-Roles,Responsibilities and Competencies
  205. HR For Non HR Manager
  206. HR Fundamentals
  207. HR in the Public Sector
  208. HR Leadership: Competencies for Exceptional Performance
  209. HR Master Class on the Future Changes in Human Resources
  210. HR Metrics – Measuring What Matters
  211. HR Metrics & Analytics: Driving Strategic & Organizational Change Through Analytics
  212. HR Metrics and Analytics
  213. HR Planning And Development
  214. HR Planning Skills
  215. HR Processes, Culture & Change Management Programme
  216. HR Processes, Culture, & Change Management Program
  217. HR Professional: From Traditional HR Role To Business Partner
  218. HR Role in Innovation and Creative Thinking
  219. HR Skills for HR Administrators
  220. HR Skills For HR Assistants
  221. HR Skills for Non HR Professionals
  222. HRD And Human Capital
  223. HRD Management
  224. HRM – Recruitment
  225. HRM Skills for Today’s Leaders and Professionals
  226. HR’s Role in Occupational Fraud Prevent and Detection Masterclass
  227. Hukum Ketenagakerjaan & Hubungan Industrial
  228. Human Capital Planning
  229. Human Resource (HR) Management Skills
  230. Human Resource Audit
  231. Human Resource Business Partner
  232. Human Resource Development
  233. Human Resource Management
  234. Human Resource Management and Career Development
  235. Human Resource Management for Non-HR Professionals
  236. Human Resource, Learning and Development Professionals in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
  237. Human Resources Budgeting & Budget Control
  238. Human Resources Development & Personnel Management
  239. Human Resources in the Municipal Workplace
  240. Human Resources KPIs – Benchmarking HR Performance
  241. Human Resources KPIs: Benchmarking HR Deliverables
  242. Human Resources Performance Improvements
  243. Human Resources Policies & Procedures
  244. Human Resources Professional: From Traditional HR Role to Business Partner
  245. Identifying Training Needs and Evaluating Training
  246. Igniting Creativity for Workplace Excellence
  247. Improving Communication Skills
  248. Improving Employee Performance: Correcting, Coaching And Counseling
  249. Improving Negotiation Skills
  250. Improving Performance Through The Balanced Scorecard
  251. Increasing Employee Engagement: Measuring & Managing
  252. Industrial Relations (IR), Employee Relations (ER) & Trade Union Harmony
  253. Information Technology (IT) Project Management
  254. Innovation and Creativity in Education
  255. Innovations in Workforce Planning, Organizational Development, Business Efficiency and Analysis
  256. Instructional Design (ID) Masterclass
  257. Instructional Design Practitioner
  258. Integrating e-learning in your L & D Strategy
  259. Internal Consultancy Skills at Work
  260. Internal Workplace Investigations
  261. International HR & Personnel Management
  262. Interpersonal Communication Skills
  263. Interpersonal Skills for the HR Professional
  264. Interviewing for Investigations using the PEACE Model
  265. Interviewing Skills & Hiring Techniques
  266. Introduction to ISO 14001
  267. Introduction to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  268. Job Analysis and Descriptions Job Evaluation and Grades
  269. Job Analysis and Evaluation Workshop
  270. Job Analysis And Job Description Techniques
  271. Job Analysis, Description, Evaluation Skills & Organizational Structures Preparation
  272. Job Analyst Program
  273. Job Description Writing Workshop
  274. Job Evaluation & Analysis
  275. Job Evaluation & Analysis Understanding Reward Management
  276. Job Evaluation Professional
  277. Job Globalization Cultural Diversity
  278. Job Grading and Remuneration
  279. Job Hunting And Recruitment
  280. Job Mastery and Performance
  281. Job Satisfaction And Employees Loyalty
  282. Job Specification And Organizational Structure
  283. Key Managerial Skills For New Managers
  284. Key Performance Indicator with Balance Scorecard
  285. Kiat Penyusunan SOP menggunakan KPI
  286. Knowledge Management – How to Create an Effective Learning Organization
  287. Knowledge Management and Managing Organizational Learning
  288. Knowledge Management: How To Create An Effective Learning Organization
  289. KPI Setting & Measurement
  290. L&D Project Management
  291. Labor Courts Principles & Constructive Negotiation Skills
  292. Labor Relations: Managing in a Unionized Environment
  293. Latest Techniques For Interviewing, Testing & Effective Selection
  294. Latest Techniques For Interviewing, Testing & Effective Selection
  295. Leadership and Financial Skills
  296. Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professionals
  297. Leadership Development For HR Professionals
  298. Leading for Organisational Impact
  299. Leading Multicultural Teams & Managing Diversity
  300. Leading Strategic HR Transformation
  301. Leading team effectively using DiSC
  302. Learning & Development Professionals in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
  303. Learning and Development: Tools and Strategies
  304. Linking Training to Organisational Goals
  305. Local Content Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
  306. Management & Behavioral Skills for New Employees
  307. Management & Technical Skills Development for The Training’s Coordinators & Human Resources
  308. Management Of Cultural Diversity
  309. Managerial Review & Understanding KPI
  310. Managing & Coordinating Training Proactively
  311. Managing and Coordinating Training
  312. Managing and Measuring Training, Learning and Development
  313. Managing Conflict & Handling Difficult People
  314. Managing Conflict, Change and Handling Difficult People
  315. Managing Difficult Client Relationship
  316. Managing Difficult Employees and Colleagues
  317. Managing Employee Performance, Behavior & Attitudes
  318. Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour and Attitudes
  319. Managing Employee Relations
  320. Managing Human Capital in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
  321. Managing People At Work
  322. Managing The Training Development
  323. Managing the Training Function
  324. Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 Workshop
  325. Managing Your Human Resources For Best Performance
  326. Managing your Internal Training Academy
  327. Manajemen Remunerasi dan Kompensasi
  328. Manpower Organization, Succession Planning & Trend Analysis
  329. Master Trainer
  330. Mastering Effective Performance Appraisals and Development Conversations
  331. Mastering the Training Cycle
  332. Mastering Workplace Performance
  333. Measuring & Maximising Training ROI
  334. Measuring And Forecasting Human Capital Investment
  335. Measuring And Managing Customer Satisfaction
  336. Measuring and Maximising Training ROI
  337. Measuring ROI of Training
  338. Measuring The Effectiveness Of Human Resources Through The HR Scorecards
  339. Mentoring And Coaching For Successful Development
  340. Mergers and Acquisitions
  341. Methods To Evaluate And Develop HRM
  342. Modern Method In Training And Development
  343. Modern Practices In HR
  344. Modern Training Strategies & The Preparation of Training Plans
  345. Modern Trends in Career Planning, Job Design & Budgeting
  346. Motivation Methods And Techniques
  347. Negotiation Skills For Recruiters
  348. New Behavioral Prospective & Thinking
  349. NLP Training
  350. Operations Manager in Higher Education Institutions
  351. Optimizing KPI with Balance Scorecard
  352. Organisation and Relationship Systems in the Workplace   Exploring the Changing Nature of Teams, Organisations and People
  353. Organisation Structure Design
  354. Organisational Structure & Work Ethics Behaviour
  355. Organization And Workforce Planning
  356. Organization Development Professional
  357. Organization Development Specialist Program
  358. Organization Structure, Behavior & Culture
  359. Organizational And Departmental Communication
  360. Organizational Change and Development
  361. Organizing Multi-Shifts Operations
  362. Payroll Management and Effective Payroll Controls
  363. Payroll Management System
  364. Payroll System Administration
  365. Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management
  366. Pelatihan Pajak untuk Bagian HRD
  367. Pelatihan Persiapan Pensiun
  368. Pelatihan Team Building & Commitment
  369. People Analytics
  370. People Development Management Program
  371. Peraturan Undang-Undang Ketenagakerjaan
  372. Performance Appraisal
  373. Performance Appraisal Skills
  374. Performance Management – Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals
  375. Performance Management and Appraisals
  376. Performance Management- From start to completion
  377. Performance Management System for HR Professionals
  378. Performance Management Training
  379. Performance Management: Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals
  380. Performance Management: Setting Objectives And KPIs
  381. Performance Management: Setting Objectives, KPI and Conducting Appraisals
  382. Performance Management: Skill Building, Coaching, Forecasting, Leading, Handling Change, Setting Objectives & Kpis
  383. Perjanjian Kerja Berdasarkan SKKNI MSDM KepMenakertrans 307/ 2014
  384. Personnel Administration Development Program
  385. Planning ,Monitoring & Improving The Performance Results
  386. Policy Initiatives to Transform HR
  387. Position Classification
  388. Preparing and Developing Training Specialist and Coordinators
  389. Preparing Training Plan And Analysing Training Need
  390. Presentation Skills: Making A Powerful Impact On Any Audience
  391. Productivity And Work Quality
  392. Professional in Training and Development
  393. Professional Interviewing Skills
  394. Professional Job Analyst
  395. Professional Skills for Human Resources Management
  396. Program penggajian berbasis performance
  397. Recruitment and Development Planning
  398. Recruitment And Selection Skills
  399. Recruitment and Selection: A Holistic Approach
  400. Recruitment Management From A To Z
  401. Recruitment Skills and Interviewing Techniques
  402. Recruitment Specialist
  403. Recruitment, Interviewing & Selection Skills
  404. Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection
  405. Recruitment, Selection and Retention:Creating a Highly Competent Motivated Workforce
  406. Reducing Drug & Alcohol Risk in the Work Place
  407. Remuneration System
  408. Remuneration, Job Grading & Designing Salary Structure
  409. Retaining Top Employees
  410. ROI Calculations
  411. Security Management
  412. Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  413. Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People
  414. Skills of Training Coordinators
  415. Staff/Personnel Management
  416. Stakeholder Engagement
  417. Strategi Perencanaan Keuangan Prapensiun
  418. Strategic Crisis Management: Planning For Unexpected Challenges
  419. Strategic HR Business Partner
  420. Strategic HR Business Partner – Leading and Innovation
  421. Strategic Hr Planning – Practice In The 21st Century
  422. Strategic HRM & Talent Management
  423. Strategic Human Resources Management
  424. Strategic Management of Business and Technology
  425. Strategic Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection
  426. Strategic Talent Management
  427. Strategic Talent Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
  428. Strategic Thinking and Planning
  429. Strategic Thinking for HR Professionals
  430. Strategic Training Need Analysis
  431. Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass
  432. Strategies For Succession Planning
  433. Strategies for Work-Life Balance
  434. Successful Behavioral Interview Techniques For Managers
  435. Successful Mentoring Strategies
  436. Talent Acquisition Professional
  437. Talent Management
  438. Talent Management & Career System
  439. Talent Management And Development
  440. Talent Management And Succession Planning
  441. Talent Management For Effective Manpower, Succession Planning
  442. Talent Management Professional
  443. Talent Management: Developing Multicultural Leaders
  444. Talent Management: How To Attract, Retain & Develop For Performance
  445. Talent Retention Through Remuneration and Training   Managing Pay Scales, Promotions and Provision of Training
  446. Team Building And Organisational Structure
  447. Team development
  448. Team Management And Leadership Skills – Efficient Team Work
  449. Team Working And Communication
  450. Telephone skills and customer care
  451. Tenaga kerja asing & formalitasnya: Formalities Expatriate
  452. The Advanced Human Resource Management
  453. The Art Of Human Resource Management: Creating & Developing An Effective Personnel Function
  454. The Business of HR
  455. The Certified HR Administrator
  456. The Certified Strategist: From Planning To Execution
  457. The Customer Complaint System: A Tool for Customer Service
  458. The Effective Human Resources Administrator
  459. The Effective Human Resources Administrator
  460. The Future of HR
  461. The Future of HR: Re-engineering the Employee Experience
  462. The Future of Learning
  463. The Future of Learning: Re-engineering the Learning Experience
  464. The Job Evaluation Workshop
  465. The L & D Professional as a Business Partner
  466. The Management and Development of Human Resources and Workforce Planning
  467. The Practice of Inclusion
  468. The Professional Interviewer
  469. The Recruitment & Selection Workshop
  470. The Training Analyst
  471. Think & Decide Beyond The Box
  472. Tips For Conducting Successful Performance Appraisals And Interviews
  473. TNA And Training Evaluation
  474. Train The Trainer
  475. Train the Trainer – From Design to Delivery
  476. Train the Trainer Essentials
  477. Train the Trainer for High Impact Outcomes
  478. Train the Trainer: An Intensive Workshop
  479. Trainers Guide For Coaching And Mentoring
  480. Training & Development Management
  481. Training 360 degree Feedback and KPI
  482. Training Administrasi Personalia
  483. Training Analysis and Planning Essentials
  484. Training and Development Professional
  485. Training Curriculum & Learning Program Design
  486. Training Knowledge Management
  487. Training Management
  488. Training Management and Organisational Learning for Oil and Gas Industries
  489. Training Manager
  490. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  491. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) & Evaluation
  492. Training Needs Assessment & Training Return Measurement Skills
  493. Training Needs Assessment System
  494. Training Needs Identification Analysis, Planning & Implementation
  495. Training of Trainers (TOT)
  496. Training of Trainers Facilitation Skills
  497. Training Psikologi For Non Psikolog
  498. Training Recruitment Management
  499. Training Serikat Pekerja
  500. Transformational Industrial (IR) and Employee Relations (ER) Workshop
  501. Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusiveness: From Awareness to Action
  502. Understanding Human Performance
  503. Upselling & Cross selling
  504. Using Bsc To Achieve Breakthrough Performance
  505. Workforce Management (Time Studies, Forecasting, Scheduling)
  506. Workforce Planning and Budgeting
  507. Workforce Planning Statistical Analysis
  508. Workload Analysis
  509. Workplace Bullying & Harassment
  510. Workplace Diversity
  511. Workplace Diversity and Talent Management
  512. Workplace Harassment Training
  513. Workplace Talent Identification and Development
  514. Workshop UU No 13 Tahun 2003 tentang Ketenagakerjaan
  515. Writing and Measuring HR Strategies: Maximizing Alignment with the Business
  516. Writing Effective Job Descriptions
  517. Writing Effective Policies & Procedures
  518. Writing Effective Policies and Procedures
  519. Writing HR Policies and Procedures
  520. Provisional Training Assessment
  521. Skills Development for Operations Coordinators
  522. Skills to Identify Training Needs & Develop A Plan of Integrated Training
  523. The Art of Human Resources Management
  524. The Development of Human Resources & Personnel Management
  525. The Development of New Strategic Partnerships Human Resources
  526. The Legal Aspects in Human Resources
  527. Understanding The Complete Training Cycle


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