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Mechanical & Utility Engineering

Training Drilling Waste Management And Solids Control Systems

Mechanical & Utility Engineering, Oil / Gas / Mining
Training Drilling Waste Management And Solids Control Systems COURSE CONTENT: This training course is designed to present basic concepts used in Drilling Waste Management. Delegates will be familiarized with common legislation, procedures and layouts of common systems used in the industry. The course will detail specifics on the operational principles, adjustments and specifics of common equipment used in Solids Control and Waste Management. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course, the delegates will be able to successfully perform maintenance, tests and adjustments on common equipment used in Solids Control and Waste Management. TARGET GROUP: The course addresses Drilling Fluids Engineers, Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management Technicians. ===========================...

Training Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels Design and Specifications

Maintenance & Mechanical Enggineering, Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels Design and Specifications Training Course Description This course is designed to provide theoretical, practical and operational concept of Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels, starting with codes and standards, applications, design requirements, selection, optimizations, costing and troubleshooting particularly for E&P operations. The course considers different types of Heat Exchangers such as Shell and Tube, Double Pipe, Multi-tube, Air coolers, as well as Compact and Non-tubular Heat exchangers such as Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Plate-fin Heat Exchangers etc. Various modes of heat transfer such as conduction, convection, contractive, radiative were covered. The course has provided full relevance of space requirements in Heat Exchanger des...

Training Operation, Control, Monitoring and Maintenance Of RO System

Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Training Operation, Control, Monitoring and Maintenance Of RO System Course Objectives An Excellent knowledge of basic operation principles, layout requirements, associated components and maintenance practices for reverse osmosis (RO) plants. Course Outcome You will gain valuable know-how related treverse osmosis plants on: Different membrane configurations used for membrane filtration (MF & UF) and Rapplications. Understand Osmosis & Reverse Osmosis. Understand RPrinciples RPlant Configuration. Control scaling, fouling and chemical attack by using appropriate pretreatment technologies. Start Up, Shutdown & Daily Operation Instructions. Reverse Osmosis Preventive Maintenance. Reverse Osmosis membranes cleaning. Who Shou...

Instrumentation And Process Control Training

Mechanical & Utility Engineering, Oil and Gas
Training Instrumentation And Process Control Course overview This course will present fundamental principles of measurement, process control and safety systems of processing operations. Objective The course allows participants to understand technology and operating principles of instruments most commonly used in the oil and gas plants, to know the typical process control architecture and to learn the functions of safety instrumented systems. Who Should Attend Engineers and technicians involved in designing, constructing, commissioning or operating oil and gas surface production facilities. Course content Measurements and Control Pressure Measures and Measurement Instruments Temperature Measures and Measurement Instruments Flow Measur...

Training Advanced Process Control

Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Advanced Process Control Training Course Description This 3-days course gives an advanced information to the application of advanced control techniques in the process industries.It is an intensive course which relies heavily on the use of practical information to allow for many practical examples and control strategies to be implemented. Course Objectives The course explores some of the advanced classical methods and techniques popular in current industrial practice.For all topics, you will gain hands-on experience in tuning controllers and testing algorithm performance. Who Should Attend? Operators Maintenance Technicians Implementation Engineers System Administrators and/or Plant Management Course Details/Schedule Modelling Process Dynamics Automated Co...

Training Process Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving Training Course overview Troubleshooting of Chemical Plants (Industrial Process Plant) is required to: Restore or improve on-line time and enhance production capacity. Achieve specifications of the product, by product and waste stream. Reduce hazards and Utilities Consumption. Improve yield, Auxiliary Chemicals and Catalysts and; Meet environmental standards. Objective Explain steps in troubleshooting techniques. Demonstrate the use of troubleshooting tools to process problems. Apply troubleshooting techniques. To perform systematic to solve engineering problems. Cause and Effect Analysis: Using measured process variables and personal knowledge of how these variables affect each others. ...

Training Saline Water Desalination Processes

Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Saline Water Desalination Processes Training Course overview Saline water desalination technologies were introduced about 50 years ago at and were able to expand access to water, but at high cost. Developments of new and improved technologies have now significantly broadened the opportunities to access major quantities of safe water in many parts of the world. Costs are still significant but there has been a reducing cost trend, and the option is much more widely available. When the alternative is no water or inadequate water greater cost may be endurable in many circumstances. Who Should Attend Mechanical Engineers Production Engineers Chemists Department Managers Course content Overview Of Saline Desalination Technologies Planni...

Training Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Pelatihan Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Description: If Maintenance planning is the aim to have a world-class enterprise, the maintenance organization and strategy have a critical role to play in this mission. Driven from business goals, such a strategy cannot be seen as separate from other functions, but rather as an intrinsic part of a complete approach to high performance operation. The business goals will place organizational, as well technical demands on the enterprise. The strategy therefore has to integrate and guide the implementation of technical and managerial strategies at all organizational and process levels. The strategy/philosophy must represent the very best technology, procedures and practices available, relevant to the business goals of the organization. Lea...

Training Liquid Penetrant Testing

Jadwal Training Indonesia, Maintenance & Mechanical Enggineering, Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Deskripsi Training Liquid Penetrant Testing Penetrant Test, juga disebut penetrant inspection cair atau "pengujian penetrant" (PT), adalah metode pemeriksaan yang diterapkan secara luas dan murah digunakan untuk menemukan permukaan yang terindikasi cacat di semua non-ferrous material (logam, plastik, atau keramik). Penetrant dapat diterapkan ke semua non-bahan besi dan bahan besi, meskipun untuk komponen besi magnetik-partikel inspeksi sering digunakan sebagai pengganti untuk kemampuan deteksi bawah permukaan nya. LPI digunakan untuk mendeteksi pengecoran, penempaan dan cacat permukaan las seperti retak rambut, permukaan porositas , kebocoran dalam produk baru, dan retakan pada saat pemasangan komponen. Course Outline: Theory of Liquid Penetrant Testing. Equipment and Type of penetrant ...
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