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General Management & Soft skills

Training Developing and Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Developing and Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans Training Marketing is the glue that holds and organisation together, gives it understanding of what customers want, what they value and are willing to pay for. As the marketplace and customer needs change, marketing helps the rest of the organisation understand how to change. Strategic marketing is the overarching framework that knits marketing activities to the wider business needs, at the same time helping operational teams become customer centric. It provides deep understanding of customers and how to serve them. Objective Identify, collect and analyse external and internal business data to identify issues, key factors fur success and distinctive capabilities Use the data, make assumptions and recommend which products an...

Managing People At Work Training

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Training Managing People At Work Course Introduction: Why can't people just leave their problems at the front gate? People problems can include work related stress, marriage problems, lack of motivation, work Stress, long hours of work, turnover, under-staffing, nationalization, bullying and job insecurity all impact on employee’s health and performance. The cost to the employer can be enormous. No matter what industry you work in, stress at work can be a very real and overwhelm experience. The amount of employees suffering from stress and stress-related illnesses is rapidly rising. More than half (53%) of people in work have suffered stress in the past 12 months, while one in four people had taken time off sick through stress in the previous year, according to the latest research b

Training The Art Of Supervisory Skills

Bussines Management, General Management & Soft skills
The Art Of Supervisory Skills Training Course Introduction: In this course, you will learn the main principles of supervisory skills. The course focuses on established management theories and frameworks that will help you improve leading a team. The course contains various case studies and examples on improving interpersonal skills, providing support to the team and using the correct style of leadership based on an individual’s capability and maturity. Course Objectives: By the end of the program, participants will be able to: Define supervisory roles and related competencies. Apply goal setting and planning in order to obtain commitment of others. Organize their time and use delegation as a tool to empower their staff. Energize and inspire their team for better per

Training Corporate Identity and Brand Management

General Management & Soft skills
Corporate Identity and Brand Management Training Course Introduction: How your brand is perceived within your own country, and internationally, whether it stands out from competitors, is more important than ever. This innovative branding masterclass helps participants plan, implement, launch and manage an effective brand that wins internal and external support. We look at what brands are, why organisations need one, what value they bring and how to build and manage a brand. Objective: Explain the benefits of branding and how to use a brand to support their organisation’s business purpose Use the principles of branding to develop an effective brand for their organisation, or refine the existing brand Develop support for the brand from a wide cross section of stakeholders in

Training Communication, Coordination And Leadership: Enhancing Leadership And Supervisory

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Training Communication, Coordination And Leadership: Enhancing Leadership And Supervisory Course Introduction: It has been said that all business is a conversation, and that it is the ability of people at all levels in an organization to create and maintain a rich conversation with each other and with other businesses that ultimately creates business success. That conversation relies on excellent communication skills. The best and most charismatic leaders are abundantly skilled communicators, able to coordinate and lead their teams because they create an environment in which others genuinely want to work. The best and most skilled coordinators are able to manage time, people and priorities, influence at all levels, and still display a sense of leadership which makes others want to fo...

Training Advanced Supervisory Skills (The Supervisor Development Course)

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Advanced Supervisory Skills (The Supervisor Development Course) Course Introduction: This training is designed for all those who have the potential and capabilities of developing into Supervisor’s, Team leader’s and new manager’s. Whatever their job title, if they are in charge of others then they will be helped greatly by this training. In this training you will learn to: Be effectively and professionally equipped for the major transition from the workforce to a team / leadership role Understand and practice key supervisory / management skills Learn how to motivate and harness your staff potential and abilities Develop objective setting, performance supervision and team communication Enhance your personal empowerment for successful corporate leadership Course

Training Advanced Supervisory Skills

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Advanced Supervisory Skills Training Course Introduction: Building advanced supervisory skills is critical to help you and your organization succeed in challenging economic times. This course is designed for helping experienced supervisors develop advanced supervisory and management skills such as effective management, performance management, goal setting, motivation, and team development. Course Objectives: To set objectives and targets to achieve the vision, mission and goals of an organisation To apply the skills of leadership to enhance the supervisory role To motivate people and build successful teams To develop verbal skills to influence people with a constructive outcome To develop assertiveness skills to cope confidently with different people To solve p

Training Project Management, Leadership, and Communication

General Management & Soft skills, Manajemen Proyek, SCM, LOGISTIC AND PROCUREMENT, Project Management
Project Management, Leadership, and Communication Training OURSE OVERVIEW Managing a successful project involves more than schedules, templates, and paperwork. It requires the application of strong interpersonal management skills to work effectively with people in a variety of roles. The skills you'll learn in this course will enable you to apply effective leadership strategies, improve your interpersonal communication, become more influential, help guide your staff through change, deal with conflict and practice ethical principles during the entire project management process. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN Manage stakeholders and teams Assess and apply leadership styles Improve communication Enhance influence and power bases Motivate team members Lead effe...

Training Performance Management System

General Management & Soft skills
Pelatihan Performance Management System Overview A Performance Management System provides an objective and effective framework to evaluate and enhance the productivity of the workforce. The seminar will provide the knowledge and tools to enable the participant to develop a basic performance management system. Objectives To provide participants with an understanding of the concepts, methodology, and application of Performance Management System (PMS) To provide awareness on how organizational goals serve the basis for departmental and individual awareness To learn methods of measuring individual performance Who Should Participate human resource managers and personnel managers business owners Key Topics I. Overview II. Rationale for Performance Management I...

Training Customer Profiling Techniques and Proceed

General Management & Soft skills, PR & Customer Services Training,
Pelatihan Customer Profiling Techniques & Proceed Course overview The Customer Service workshop will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. Your participants will be provided a strong skillset including in-person and over the phone techniques, dealing with difficult customers, and generating return business. Objective · State what customer service means in relation to all your customers, both internal and external · Recognize how your attitude affects customer service · Identify your customers’ needs · Use outstanding customer service to generate return business · Build good will through in-person customer service · Provide outstanding customer service over the phone · Connect with cu

Training Beyond Customer Service: Service Quality and Excellence

General Management & Soft skills, General Service
Pelatihan Beyond Customer Service: Service Quality & Excellence Course overview Delegates will learn effective customer centric strategies and best practices to provide world-class customer service excellence. This dynamic, 2-day course gives customer service professionals the communication skills, technology tools, and motivation they require to build strong customer relationships and develop a customer centric organisation. Objective Establish the importance of setting and reviewing customer service standards Develop an understanding of internal and external customer expectations Communicate more effectively by utilizing active listening and questioning skills Demonstrate how to deal with difficult or demanding customers in a professional manner ...

Training Effective Managerial Leadership

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Pelatihan Effective Managerial Leadership Course Description It is an achievement to become a manager or a supervisor. Most reach this coveted position due to their domain expertise, hours spent in a role and a variety of soft skills that they demonstrate. However, very few are formally coached to assume this responsibility. As a result, many managers spend years in a trial and error mode. Managers also face an unenviable task of managing not only their own or their team’s performance but also to manage bosses and stakeholders. Course Objectives Practical leadership tools and techniques that can be applied immediately Successful leadership approaches from the best-of-the-best world-class Organizations How to apply the 10 most powerful leadership competencies for greater

Training Art of Leadership and Security Management

General Management & Soft skills, In-House Training, Jadwal Training Indonesia
Pelatihan Art of Leadership and Security Management Course overview Organize time, work and effectively use of delegation to inspire employees and align the team work to be adjusted to the new role with confidence and an assurance they can handle the position. Objective Adjust to the new role with confidence and an assurance they can handle the position. Grasp the importance of setting goals, planning and prioritizing, in order to achieve organizational objectives. Organize time, work and effectively use of delegation. Inspire employees and align the team. Use of appraising as a control method and managing employee performance. Use different techniques in developing their people. Who Should Attend Basic level security supervisors who...

Training Negotiations and Handling Objections

General Management & Soft skills
Pelatihan Negotiations and Handling Objections Course overview One may think that objection handling and negotiation skills are important only in sales, mainly to overcome price objection. But this is far too narrow perspective. We all deal with objections every day – whether we need to agree with a colleague on things to be done, get a product or service from an external contractor on time, or closing a multimillion contract. This type of interaction is a significant part of our lives, and to enhance the objection handling skills, we have to master the relevant tools, techniques, and practices at a specialized negotiation skills course. This intensive training provides participants with all crucial knowledge, as well as topical principles and techniques required in the mode

Training Professional Business Correspondence

General Management & Soft skills
Pelatihan Professional Business Correspondence Course overview In recent times we’ve observed rapid and unprecedented innovations in the digital realm which have influenced even the most seemingly unshakable pillars of the business world, including business correspondence, namely written business communication. Modern business correspondence includes much more than just formal business letters, emails, and memos, which we’ve grown accustomed to. Nowadays business writing is about text and social media messages, online chats and messengers, reports, online proposals, video messages, etc. Business correspondence is the main component of effective business communication, the most common and trusted way to interact with people within your organization, and other organizations, and w

Training Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

General Management & Soft skills
Pelatihan Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course overview Fear of public speaking is one of the most common concerns among people from all over the world. Although it might be frightening to present something in front of an audience, this skill is vital for professionals of all backgrounds. Every specialist, at some point, faces a situation where he needs to deliver a presentation or give a speech. The art of public speaking can be mastered just like any other skill so that you feel comfortable and confident in any situation; therefore, public speaking training courses and are intended literally for everyone. This public speaking training is perfect for all professionals who want to deliver their thoughts and messages concisely and effectively. During the course, partici...

Pelatihan Change Management

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Change Management Training Course Description Change is commonplace, expected, and necessary for the progression of a business. However, change is often avoided due to fear of failure, resistance, and a lack of the required skills and knowledge for execution. This two day change management training course is designed to ease change implementation and reduce the associated risks. This is done by equipping delegates with the required skills needed to successfully understand why change is needed, how to implement change, and how to overcome resistance to change.This change management training course will allow delegates to understand: What change means to people at both the individual and the organisational level How to identify the stakeholders likely to be affected, their wants,...

Training Influential Advanced Internal Communications

General Management & Soft skills
Pelatihan Influential Advanced Internal Communications Introduction Influential Advanced Internal Communications training course is designed for individuals who require to master the principles of the integrated internal communication systems and its impacts on the organisation to be highly effective and efficient. Who should attend This communications course is suitable for those in charge of internal communication within their organisation, whether or not they have internal communication in their title, for instant those in HR who are responsible for internal communication and staff engagement. Course Content Change Communication Change and transformation – knowing which is which and how to respond Introducing the five s

Training Strategic Public Relations Management

General Affair, General Management & Soft skills
Pelatihan Strategic Public Relations Management Introduction Understanding of the importance of good Public Relations (PR) as part of the strategic corporate image also, successfully directing a public relations campaign to stimulate external interest in company activities. It will outline PR as an integral part of in company promotion using media operations to enhance confidence internally and to external markets without associated pitfalls. This Strategic Public Relations Management program involves those critical PR issues and clearly defines the role and responsibilities of PR personnel. It also highlights past mistakes and pitfalls of previous international companies who have experienced PR disasters through lack of pre-planning and care. Learning Outcome By th

Training Advanced Office Management and Effective Administration Skills

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Pelatihan Advanced Office Management and Effective Administration Skills Introduction In order to remain competent in the workplace administrators, office managers and secretaries need to be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills. This  Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills training course identifies and examines the key components of the role and within each element builds up a range of approaches and techniques for operating an efficient office or support team. These elements include: interpersonal skills, communication, organisational and time management competencies. Learning Outcome By the end of the course, participants will be able to: Gain insights into the responsibilities of administrators Value their role in an

Training Effective Diversity Management

Bussines Management, General Management & Soft skills, Human Resource Depelovment
Effective Diversity Management Training Training Course Overview According to Apple Inc., “The most innovative company must also be the most diverse” (Apple, 2018).  Harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion is essential for the viability and success of every organisation. People who feel fully welcomed, valued, respected, and included by their colleagues and their organisations will fuel this growth. Put simply, diversity works. However, diversity without inclusion is not enough. Inclusion, while closely related, is a separate concept. SHRM defines inclusion as “the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organisation’s success”. Current resear

Training Customer Profiling Techniques

General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Customer Profiling Techniques Training Course Description The ability to profile your customers has become an important skill in today’s competitive and customer-oriented business environment. Customer profiling will give your organisation the ability to better understand your existing customer base and identify potential new business opportunities. This training course is designed to give delegates the techniques and procedures they require to gain insight into the behavior of their customers. This insight allows for improved customer service, increased call center efficiency, added cross-sell and up sell opportunities, streamlined sales and marketing processes, reduced costs, and increased customer service satisfaction. Course Objectives Use customer profiling techniques and pr

Training Customer Relationship Management

General Management & Soft skills, General Service
Customer Relationship Management Training Course Description Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, helps businesses successfully implement strategies, practices and technolgies aimed at winning and retaining customers profitably. The objective of this business and management course is to equippinng participants with a sound foundation of CRM concepts and best practices so that participant can implement CRM practices successfully for long-term profitability. In this course, participants will learn how to shift from a short-term customer transaction based mode of operation to a long-term relationship mode and understand the benefits of having strong customer relations. Course Objectives Understanding customer relationship management Learning how to best treat a...

Training Administrative Areas of Excellence and Creativity Skills

Bussines Management, General Management & Soft skills, Managerial and soft skills
Administrative Areas of Excellence and Creativity Skills Training Description: Motivation is the key to any successful people management role. This course is designed to help managers develop their motivational techniques, by understanding what is required, what works and then implementing a personal action plan. Learning Outcomes Understand why people work Understand the theories behind motivation How to apply good motivational techniques How to motivate oneself Understand the leader’s role in motivating people Develop goals and plans Demonstrate his attitudes and leadership skills Who Should Attend? All employees, Executives, managers at all levels, project managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to increase their effectiveness
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